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Whether you are a software business, or an e-commerce and retail brand, eliminate your manual data workflows in spreadsheets - no engineers needed.

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“ team just saved 20 hrs this week and shared the KPIs with leadership in 1-click.”

Senior director of operations

Global ecommerce brand

Who can use Narrative?

Supply chain

Track low inventory, create forecasts and automate raw material orders.

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Audit LTL and parcel invoices, create performance scorecards and track delayed shipments.

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Business ops

File tedious forms, create dashboards and automate internal reporting.

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Revenue ops

Calculate MRR, report sales commission and get alerts about upsell opportunities.

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Data analytics

Give self help tools to pull data from salesforce, ERP and other sources to your entire team.

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Automate financial forecasting, reconcile payments and send end of month reports.

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Customer success

Gather customer data during onboard and conduct business verification checks.

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Account management

Get contract expiry alerts, create customer health scores and enterprise reports.

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Customer support

Create custom customer inquiry routing, automate data entry and reporting.

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Set up employee onboarding and offboarding, coordinate with recruiting and audit data.

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Automate sales forecasting and consolidate sales numbers from multiple channels.

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And more

Automate any simple or complex operation with Narrative beyond those mentioned here.

How Narrative works?

Step 1

Consolidate data from anywhere

Stop wasting time in copying data manually - automatically pull data from APIs, spreadsheets, PDFs, websites, emails and more.

Step 2

Refine your data and create automated workflows

Use AI to create workflows which can clean and standardize your data based on manual and automated triggers.

Step 3

Share mission-critical apps with your team

Create and share custom apps built on top of refined data to help run mission-critical operations for your company.

Automate your mission-critical operations today.

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